Questions to ask an astrologer

Humanity is often confronted with uncertainty, doubt and misunderstanding. At certain times in life, the use of clairvoyance, particularly astrology, helped elucidate many mysteries. In that respect, it has become important to know that an astrologer can decipher a fact…

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What are the particularities of the Taurus sign?

The Taurus astrological sign denotes absolute strength and solidarity. It is granted to all those who are born on April 20 until May 20. This means that it is the natives of spring who carry the Taurus sign, i.e they…

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How to calculate a rising sign in astrology?

Do you want to know your astrological rising sign? That’s easy! All you need to do is calculate it and you’ll be done. To do this, you need to fill in all the information regarding your birth, for example, the…

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Astrology: what is an Ephemeris?

Here, we invite you to deepen your understanding of ephemerides by learning how to make an astronomical one and reviewing all related topics. What is an Ephemeris in Astrology? In simple terms, ephemeris means things that happen every day; the…

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What is the origin of the zodiac signs?

For years, observers have tried to explain certain things and personal traits through astrology. With time, the sign of the zodiac became the privileged tool of giving a possible explanation to the character of an individual. Its roots can be…

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Is the rising sign more significant than your star sign?

In astrology, it is well known that both the zodiac and the rising signs help determine the personality traits of an individual. But while the differences between the two signs deserve to be highlighted, they seem to divide astrologers as…

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