How to figure out what your dreams really mean

Dreams are a mysterious and often confounding part of our lives. They can be vivid and strange, and sometimes they seem to tell us things we didn’t know we knew. But what do they really mean? Figuring out the meaning…

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What are the benefits of meditation on our health?

The word meditation comes from the Greek word Melété, which means training or exercise. It can be defined as a spiritual practice aimed at training the mind to live in the present moment, without thinking about the future or the…

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Vipassana meditation: what is it?

Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique taught in India. It means to see things as they really are and is currently conducted all over the world. In particular, it is taught during a course lasting about ten days. But what…

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How to focus on your 6 chakras?

It is important to feel good in your body and to live in harmony with the world around you. However, it is difficult to achieve this goal if you do not know how to tap into the energies within you….

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