What is the origin of the zodiac signs?

For years, observers have tried to explain certain things and personal traits through astrology. With time, the sign of the zodiac became the privileged tool of giving a possible explanation to the character of an individual. Its roots can be presented from different angles.

The positions of the sun and the stars

The zodiac sign of a person is determined by the positions of the sun and the stars at the time of his or her birth. These positions can be determined both by complex calculation methods and by observation of the sky. Seen from one place, the stars group together and present characteristic geometrical figures according to the various periods. These figures constitute the constellations, each of which has a different name. They are visible from the earth, but their identification requires some experience in the field of astrology. The zodiac signs are defined by the names assigned to the twelve constellations. In practice, they are determined by the date of birth of an individual. The interpretations made from an astrological sign can define the character of a person. Understandably, astrologers tend to use this practice to predict the future of people who seek their help.

Greek mythology is the absolute benchmark!

Greek mythology also provides some answers when it comes to the roots of the zodiac signs. The word 'zodiac' itself comes from the Greek word 'zodiakos' meaning 'circle of small animals'. Most of the signs of the Zodiac are thus names of animals with quite specific characteristics. The observation of the behaviour of these animals can serve as a basis for the depiction of certain people's personality traits. There is also another group of zodiac signs that comes from the names of goddesses and plays an essential role in mythology. Thus, the name of a constellation can sometimes be linked to an important character in a story.

The significance of the natural elements

Zodiac signs are associated with natural elements as well. The different interpretations of these symbols can be given from the nature of these elements. Water, fire, earth and air are all taken into account to explain the characters linked to the signs of the zodiac. They can also provide information to analyse certain attitudes. The relationship between two people can therefore be studied according to the natural elements associated with their respective zodiac signs. It's worth noting that people with different zodiac signs can get along very well. Others, on the other hand, may be clashing with one another all the time.

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