Is the rising sign more significant than your star sign?

Published on : 25 April 20223 min reading time
In astrology, it is well known that both the zodiac and the rising signs help determine the personality traits of an individual. But while the differences between the two signs deserve to be highlighted, they seem to divide astrologers as to the degree of importance of each. It is therefore wise to ask ourselves whether the rising sign is more important than the astrological sign of the zodiac.

An overview of the astrological signs

Designating the trajectory of the Sun on the celestial vault (as seen from the Earth), the astrological signs designate the 12 divisions of the zodiac and are generally associated with the solar signs, also known as “zodiac signs”. The zodiacal birth sign defines the essential personality and destiny characteristics of a baby born under each sign. However, each individual is assigned a specific birth chart at the time of birth, based on the position of the stars and planets. This same chart includes the sun sign as well as the moon and the rising signs, each influencing, in their own way, the personality of an individual. Are you interested in the field of astrology and divination? Incidentally, you can find out more about your future life by clicking here.

What is exactly a rising sign?

The rising sign designates a particular point in the astral chart that is calculated from the coordinates of your birth (place, date and time). Here, we are talking about the astrological sign that rises in the East at these same coordinates and which confers on the individual characteristics which are specific to him or her (external behaviour, appearance, temperament, dispositions and his or her own perception of himself) in addition to the perception that the outside world has of him or her.

Is the rising sign more important than its astrological counterpart?

Although the rising is the filter through which each person lives each day and tends to take precedence over the sun sign, it is neither more nor less important than the sun sign. Indeed, it dictates a person’s lifestyle, facial and physical characteristics and personality, but it does not define everything. And you may have different characteristics from other people of the same sign. So all signs are on equal footing and complement each other for a more complete description.

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