What are the particularities of the Taurus sign?

Published on : 25 April 20223 min reading time
The Taurus astrological sign denotes absolute strength and solidarity. It is granted to all those who are born on April 20 until May 20. This means that it is the natives of spring who carry the Taurus sign, i.e they have constructive, deep, positive characters. Taurus is an earth sign and its planet is Venus, which indicates the taste of the person carrying it for peaceful and warm relationships. And as a gemstone, sapphire is suitable. Here are a few things you should know about the Taurus sign.

Ten things to know about the Taurus people

A person born under the Taurus sign:

– tends to ruin relationships, especially with his or her grudge, just like his or her totem animal;

– can be annoying at times;

– must watch his or her weight closely;

– is inventive and sensual as a lover;

– cares about his or her comfort;

– knows how to make the right investments and deals;

– is a good partner in team sports;

– dislikes lying;

– is persistent when he or she has an idea in his or her head;

– is a good cook in most cases;

– confides easily and expects the same in return.

The Taurus character

A Taurean is usually a trustworthy person. He or she can refrain from revealing secrets. He or she is faithful in friendships as well as in love and is always there for loved ones. In the professional world, the ability to follow through and the perseverance of Taurus people make them good project builders, whether these are abstract or concrete. Often discreet and sometimes shy, Taureans may have difficulty gaining self-confidence. However, once they have known their worth, they will no longer let themselves be undermined.

On the one hand, a Taurus woman is excellent at seduction. She likes to seduce, please and look feminine and she’s usually demanding and sensual in love.

As for the Taurus man, he is usually a bon vivant. This means that he likes a simple life, whether we are talking about sex, travel or food. In love, he is known to be endearing and reliable.

The main weaknesses of the Taurus people

Often very or even overly tidy, Taurus people may appear to be neat freaks. They are often thrifty and careful with their budget and can sometimes come across as stingy. Being vindictive and jealous, Taureans find it hard to trust and if they feel betrayed, they may show a lack of compassion. They always want to be right and are sometimes very stubborn.

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