How to interpret mirror hours?

Published on : 30 August 20223 min reading time
You have probably experienced feeling something different when looking at mirror hours at least once in your life, and for some people even more often. Do you remember looking at the time on your smartphone or watch and noticing two numbers, like 02:02, 01:01 or 12:12? The recurring manifestation of similar numbers, known as mirror hours, may seem harmless, but it actually has a hidden meaning. Find out how to interpret these double hours below.

Mirror hours and guardian angels

Mirror hours arise to provide you with information and help you make decisions in your daily life and can be interpreted in many different ways.

Note that one way to get support when it comes to the angelic message of the mirror hours is to use angelology, which is the science of the mystical world of angels, namely their classification and their communication with the material world.

These angels communicate with us humans to protect us from the evil that can befall us. Therefore, to predict and foresee all events, you must try to understand the reflection of time and the messages transmitted to you. Every time you come across a series of numbers, such as the mirror hour, a license plate, a movie ticket, etc., you should know that it’s your guardian angel sending you a message.

Mirror hours and numerology

There are many interpretations of the mirror hours in numerology. When they encounter them, some people tell themselves that someone is thinking about them, while others make a wish straight away. In reality, these are simply celestial messages from angels that inform people through numerology.

The interpretation of numerology when it comes to mirror hours is simple; if you keep encountering the time 14:14, it means that 1 and 4 are talking to you, same for 16:16; 1+6+1+6=14, 1+4=5 in total, this number embodies something in your life.

Mirror hours and the tarot

A mirror hour, which looks like a repeating series of numbers as if you were looking at a digital clock, represents something important in your life. To unravel its mysteries, you can use various so-called divination guides, such as guardian angels, numerology and tarot cards.

Tarot is the most common and oldest divination art out there, with traces of it dating back to the 13th century. It is often used with riddle cards to solve mysteries, but it is also found in the use of celestial numbers to interpret mirror time. The Tarot de Marseille can tell you a lot about your future, relationships, emotions and the dangers that await you, hence the need to be careful.

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