What influence do the Archangels have on our lives?

The existence of angels is a truth of faith and their presence in the Bible is the most proven statement. They are invisible, spiritual and perfect beings and creatures of God at the beginning of creation, made his servants and message bearers to humans. In the angelic universe, the Archangels occupy a specific stature. But what does their influence on human life look like?

Who exactly are the Archangels?

The Archangels are perfect, spiritual and invisible beings created by God. Their mission is to serve him and to carry His message. In other words, they are spirits that exist for God, in God. In the angelic world, there is a hierarchy; the term "ARKES" means "top", so the Archangels are at the top of this scale. Indeed, 3 Archangels are at the top of the list: Michelle, Gabriel and Raphael. Their responsibilities are more prominent and important than those of the other angels. Their function is to contemplate God day and night. They endlessly exalt and praise Him through songs of praise. They are also tasked with defending and protecting His secrets. Their names allude to their roles: they all end in 'el', which means 'God'. Although it may seem strange, each person has a guardian angel who watches over them. If you have any questions or doubts, you can call on them or another angel to help you thanks to their abilities. Sometimes they signal their presence when you repeatedly come across a mirror hour. Indeed, if you are curious about the meaning of the mirror hours, you can visit one of the dedicated websites available to you.

How do Archangels affect daily life?

It is very likely that you have already heard your inner voice giving you advice? You should know that it is your archangel trying to communicate with you with the purpose of protecting you. Archangels are charged with guiding you, and they affect the lives of humans by accompanying them on a daily basis in good and bad circumstances, but always for your own good. They are supposed to provide help for people throughout their lives, regardless of age or gender. Last but not least, guardian angels are varied, each with a specific role and distinct abilities.

How does one communicate with the Archangels?

If you wish to call on one of the 3 Archangels mentioned above, all you need is sincerity from the bottom of your heart and to be prepared to accept the help you get. Note also that you can reach them anytime, anywhere because they are always there to help you, even when you forget about them with the various turmoils of your daily life. Finally, as soon as you have summoned the archangel, you should believe in it at all costs! This way, your request will be answered in one way or another.

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