What is the significance of the reverse mirror hours?

A clock reading is said to be an inverted mirror when the first two numbers are a reflection of the numbers that follow on a watch. It is therefore easier to recognise a reverse mirror hour on an electronic clock, as the numbers appear directly. Depending on the situation, these alignments of numbers can have different meanings.

A message from the guardian angels

For religious people, reverse mirror hours are messages from their guardian angels. If they fall at 0 o'clock, it means that their angel is encouraging them to stay the course and strengthen themselves. The message changes when the numbers in the clock change. For example, the reverse mirror hour 13:31 is a message from the guardian angel Hahahel. If you come across this exact time, it means that Hahahel wishes to rekindle your faith. To some, this message may seem trivial, but to believers, these mirror hours harden them in their struggle.

A sign of providence in numerology

The world of numerology has its own interpretations of the reverse mirror hours. The meaning of the clock reading depends on the individual numbers in it. - If the number 1 comes up several times during the hour, it is a sign of a new beginning. - The number 2 is an even number. It is the symbol of harmony and peace. - The number 3 is a sign of balance; your relationships with your loved ones, partners and colleagues will be at their best. - The number 4 tells you that you are on the right track. - The number 5 is an omen of future success and great joy in your professional and personal life. - The number 6 asks you to make more effort in order to succeed in your projects. - The repetition of the number 7 invites you to spirituality. It should be noted that this number is the only one that can be qualified as "holy". - The number 8 confirms your stability. If this is not the case, this situation is not far off. - As for the number 9, it tells you that you can start a new chapter.

Reverse mirror hours in the tarot world

Tarot is a divinatory art that consists of reading cards. In this discipline, numbers are associated with cards and each of them gives a specific meaning. Tarot stands out from all the rest because most of the time, it only gives good omens if it is based on the reverse mirror hours. For instance, 10:01 a.m. corresponds to the lover and is a sign of harmony and loyalty. In the case of 13:31, it has no other meaning than justice for the tarot.

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