The spiritual mirror hour of 11:11

You've undoubtedly heard of mirror hours before. With the field of clairvoyance now becoming more accessible, its various practices are becoming more and more known to everyone. In that respect, the mirror hour is arousing curiosity because it can convey a message that usually means a lot to the individual in question. Find out in this piece what the mirror hour 11:11 could reveal to you.

11:11, a mirror hour unlike any other

11:11 is different; it has a connection with the supernatural and spiritual world. It is very powerful and is composed of a single number repeated 4 times, which captures the subconscious and marks the transition between the physical and the spiritual world. Through this hour, the angel that corresponds to this hour, known as Lehahiah, tries to communicate with the human. It is a calm angel with an influence lapse of 20 minutes, i.e. from 11:00 to 11:20. You can learn more about mirror hours by visiting dedicated platforms such as the Mirror Hour website.

What the mirror time exactly 11:11 means

Generally speaking, the mirror hour 11:11 denotes positivity, harmony, love and charisma. Running into this hour over and over again could mean certain messages such as protection from one of your guardian angels, vigilance in relationships, a call to calm down and get back to basics, focus on goals and the start of a profitable business, etc. Focusing on the positive things in your life is an important message of this particular time. Likewise, if you have some difficulties at the moment, the message is that you should remain calm and have enough courage and wisdom. The situation is only temporary.

11:11 seen from a numerology and tarot angle

Mirror hours are always connected with other branches of clairvoyance such as numerology and tarot. When it comes to numerology, 11+11 gives us 22 which represents perseverance and constancy. On the other hand, the number 1 symbolises the beginning, rebirth and revival. As for the tarot, the corresponding blade is strength. The hour can symbolise the strength of love or the intense feelings towards work. On the financial side, the hour indicates good control of finances. To complete the interpretations of the 11:11 mirror hour that you may notice several times, you can see clairvoyance professionals such as a numerologist or a tarologist.

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