Tarot reading: why should you cut your deck with your left hand

Cartomancy is a divinatory practice that uses cards to decipher messages intended for a particular person. The tarot is one of the essential tools for the practice of this art. In order to interpret the cards correctly, it is therefore important to follow these golden rules.

What is divinatory tarot?

Tarot has long been considered an occult science. As a matter of fact, it is more about knowing how to read the cards and guess the reality that they reflect. In the divinatory practice that is tarot, the practitioner always tries to follow his or her intuition, which makes it particularly different from other clairvoyance arts. This pack of cards is composed of 22 major arcana, considered the main stages of the life cycle, and 56 minor arcana. To get a clear idea about these cards, we suggest you visit the following fortune-telling website: www.temporel-voyance.com. Indeed, several platforms out there are offering private online fortune-telling sessions.

The golden rules of cartomancy

To succeed in interpreting what the cards say, there are some basic rules to follow. First of all, the clairvoyant must establish an intimate relationship with the deck. This intimacy translates into familiarity with all the symbols and the language is then acquired very easily. Next, the deck must be shuffled about 7 times with the faces of the cards turned over, cut with the left hand, and then spread out. It is important to stay focused and to avoid asking the question again if possible, as this could create uncertainty in the client. Many people think that a good interpretation is only possible by following this ritual. Others, however, do not even use tarot cards to practice this art!

The left hand or the hand of the heart

Cutting the tarot with the left hand is an absolute necessity for some clairvoyants, as it is considered the most intuitive and is thus viewed as the hand of the heart. Furthermore, it is on the left side of the human brain that creativity, spirituality and thought are developed: it is associated with the instinctive and creative sense, hence the fact people wear their wedding rings

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