Clairvoyance: how to expand your talent?

Generally speaking, it would be quite possible to develop your gift for clairvoyance by rehearsing some specific exercises which help to stimulate the third eye as well as instinct. This training is suitable for everyone and is also fun. However, before you start working in the fortune-telling field, it is important to define what exactly a gift of clairvoyance is and how you can improve it.

Let us first define clairvoyance!

The fortune-telling gift could be in the form of clairvoyance, which is about vision, or in the form of clairaudience, which uses the hearing channel. Indeed, there are several forms of clairvoyance, such as claircognizance (which means clear knowledge) and clairsentience (which means clear sense). These very rare physical gifts are unique because everyone is born with the ability to hear or see through the physical aspects of things. The more a human being becomes aware of his or her own physical body, the more his or her ability to perceive the cosmic world fades and eventually disappears. Thus, people who display divination signs (claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance) can willingly grow their gift through the conscious improvement of their potential.

How can you boost your clairvoyant gift?

To grow your clairvoyance gift, it is necessary to first make sure that you are willing to do so in full knowledge and freedom. It is therefore essential to follow the golden rules of psychic enhancement: believe what you can and trust what you can. Accordingly, to expand your psychic abilities, you must ignore the limits of logic and accept the supernatural side of your capabilities. On the other hand, the rational side of a human being may prevent him or her from believing in the presence of spiritual beings and the subtle world, as well as disembodied entities. For this reason, it is advisable to simply believe in your instincts and thus emphasise the potential of the mind to know the best answers without resorting to logic or rationality. It is therefore important to thoroughly analyse your surroundings and be patient when it comes to the blossoming of your clairvoyant gift.

What training should you undergo to expand your clairvoyant gift?

The strengthening of a clairvoyant gift consists of visualisation and mediation, which both aim to open the third eye. It is therefore essential to use your imagination to pick one of your old beautiful experiences and imagine relieving them all over again with the same details. Next, you should enhance your clairvoyance with flowers, noting the latters' textures and colours. Finally, easy meditation exercises are important to grow your potential for the sixth sense.

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